The Answer Has You Covered with Our Plus-Size Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips to Help Your Beauty Radiate
Because we firmly believe that beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes, The Answer is dedicated to assisting our diverse clientele when it comes to providing fashion tips. Here are some plus-size fashion tips to help you:

Remember, it doesn’t matter what size you wear, as long as you look good in it! While some plus-size women may be tempted to wear bigger, baggier clothing thinking it will help them hide their perceived flaws, it’s best to wear clothes that really fit your size. Baggier clothes tend to make you look bigger, while fitted clothes will help accentuate your best assets.

If you have an apple-shaped figure, pairing a comfortable top with straight-leg pants will make you appear slimmer. If you have a pear-shaped figure, you may consider wearing shoulder pads to help balance your shape.

The easiest, most effective way to create a slim line is to wear the same coloured skirt, hose and shoes.

Extra height will always extend your look and make you appear slimmer – try mixing it up a little with high heels.

Because shiny fabrics tend to draw light and attention, it’s best to avoid them in problem areas and only use them sparingly in those areas that you really want to accentuate.

Skirts with an A-line are fashionable and more slimming than their straight, below-the-knee counterparts. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Single-breasted jackets are recommended for plus-sized women, as they can be worn open more easily.

When in doubt, go with a V-neck top. By creating a longer neck line, these tend to bring the eye downwards naturally and are flattering for just about any shape.

Flat-front or pleated pants don’t add more fabric where you don’t need it and tend to be more flattering.

Remember that alterations may be necessary, as it’s not always easy to find the right plus-size fit right off the rack. It’s okay to alter that piece you love to create a better fit!

While black is often thought of as the most slimming colour, few people realize that using any dark colour to accentuate your positive attributes is just as effective. For example, don’t be afraid to pair a chocolate brown camisole and pants or even a turquoise camisole under a turquoise jacket. A good rule of thumb is to wear one solid line of colour.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Long necklaces will bring the eyes down, while shorter necklaces and scarves draw more attention to your face. However, you can also do damage to your look by going overboard on the accessories. It’s best to keep your look simplified with one or two key pieces than too many items.

A worthwhile investment for any woman (despite age or size) is properly fitting undergarments to ensure your clothes also fit well.

Have you heard the old saying variety is the spice of life? Don’t be afraid to get experimental when it comes to fashion! Always be open-minded about trying new things, despite your age or size. If you’re unsure what to try, pay us a visit and one of our friendly associates would be more than happy to make some recommendations!